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Our Purpose

Desiana Publications publishes for all ages and times, with have a mission to provide literature for children and youth and to promote a more peaceful, equitable and healthy world for all. I have started with publishing books with a focus on Quaker history and testimonies from a fictional perspective. As Desiana Books grows, more books and materials will be published to help children become resilient. These books model strong and flexible coping, planning and doing actions.  I hope we will also  plan to have some fun together.



A power nap is always helpful when you have a lot of important work coming up.





Growing takes a lot sunshine, soil, water and  loving attention. The same is true for Publishing. It requires hard work and resources. After a book is written, it must be edited, formatted and illustrated. This takes time and funds.  Several books have been written; they will be available as these other processes occur. Please be patient.

Please enjoy my offerings and  what is presented on this website.

12 June, 2021.

Desiana Publications:

  Published A Journey Out of Season  November, 2019

   Will Publish  O' Little Town of Bellingham July 1, 2021

    See cover on Home page

   The third book in the Grandpa Rufus series, not yet titled will be released in early 2022.

     A series of illustrated books The Adventures of Moses Silverton, is anticipated with in the next few years.

A fictional auto biography of the authorand their family, They  Came by Here isalso expected. 


                       About the Author    ​


The author and publisher lives with their guide dog Batik, in Bellingham, Washington. Having been a child and family therapist has given a wealth of knowledge and experience about children's feelings and needs. They are creative and have learned what stories engage children in the healing process, working with children in a variety of settings, including teaching and family groups.

Mary is active in Bellingham Friends Meeting (Quaker) and has been a Friend for years. They have a passion for helping children and families.

Batik is smart, well- behaved and passionate about walks, friends, and food.

Much More About Us:

I was born and grew up in Northwest Washington State., during the nineteen fifties and sixties. For most of my childhood we were poor and found ways to get by. I am the fourth of five children. My oldest brother was born in 1935 and my youngest in 1959 so we were spread over various eras. Much of my youth was spent in a logging town where my extended family had settled  about 1900.  Although I never knew my grandparents (except for a step grandmother),  they filled my imagination. As I became an adult, I realized that some of these memories

were more fiction than fact. My mother told tales. She never qualified them however. My father did the same, but after I reached adolescence I had figured that out. I have a collection of stories and many are in the form of unedited books. A few are fully developed and waiting to be read.

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